What we are doing in the Lower School. Monday 17th October 2011.


This week in Literacy we will be focusing on handwriting and writing different sorts of sentences. These will include work on collecting exciting words to improve our sentences. We will be looking at opening sentences in different ways to add interest and variety to our writing. We will be turning simple sentences into complex ones to add information for the reader. We will be looking at how to punctuate speech in a piece of writing. Throughout all of this we will be developing our joined handwriting style.


This week in Numeracy we will continue our unit of work on multiplication and division. We will be exploring the link between multiplication and division. We will be using the inverse operation to check our answers to problems. We will be using the times tables we know when working out problems and improving the times tables we don’t know so well.


Monday –          Education City Numeracy activities.


Wednesday –    Education City Literacy activities.


Friday –            French homework – Please learn the words for the French songs we will be singing in the French café in November.

Special Events

Friday 21st October at 2pm is the Harvest Festival celebration in St Mary’s church. If you can help out by walking down with the children please let either the office or your child’s class teacher know. Thank you.

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