What we are doing in the Lower School. Tuesday 1st November 2011.


This week in Literacy we will be focusing on poetry, looking at how authors use simile and metaphor to create a picture for the reader. We will be discussing the use of comparisons to create an image. We will be reading a poem closely and discussing what images it conjures up. We will be using drama to interpret poems. We will be writing our own similes and metaphors.


This week in Numeracy we will be starting a unit of work on Data Handling and Measures. We will be looking at the relationships between kilometres and metres, metres and centimetres. We will decide which is the best unit to measure different distances in and use standard metric units to estimate and measure length. We will be reading numbered and partially numbered scales when measuring and using decimal notation where appropriate.


Monday –          Education City Numeracy activities.

Wednesday –    Education City Literacy activities.

Special Events

Friday 4th November is the Family Fireworks event at Liss Junior School. During the week each class will be making a guy to put on our bonfire. If you have any old clothes at home, suitable for dressing a guy, please can you send them into school with your child. Also we need newspapers to stuff the guys with, so if you have any old ones at home please send those in too.

Final plea

During this term, as our Design Technology project, we will be making a bag suitable to carry a book. We plan to print the fabric for these bags and then make the handles out of plaited carrier bags. We would welcome donations of any brightly coloured carrier bags you have spare which could be used for the handles of these bags.

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