Streatley Day 2


Our group got up especially early to have a shower and serve breakfast to the other groups.  Before breakfast we did art, and finished off our other work.

Blenheim Palace

The word Blenheim was originally German, but we couldn’t pronounce it properly.  Blenheim place would not be here if it were not for John Churchill.  He won the battle of Blenheim on 13th August 1704 against the French.  There have been 11 dukes in Blenheim Palace.  During World War 2 Malvern college were evacuated to Blenheim.  There were no girls; there were 400 boys, who were also quite naughty.  They played cricket in the long library and dented the massive organ.  Winston Churchill was born here.  My favourite room was the room he was born in.  There were 2 films made here, including Harry potter and Gulliver’s travels.  When the palace was built there was only 2 marble sinks in the whole place.  The ceilings in most of the rooms were decorated with 24ct. gold, which is higher quality than the other rooms which were decorated with 9ct. gold.

Education room

We drew parts of the palace from the courtyard.  We also looked at the education room and saw drawings that other children had done, including some work from Liss.   After lunch we took a mini train to the other side of the grounds.

Butterfly house

The temperature inside the butterfly house was a tropical paradise.  Some of the butterflies grow to amazing sizes, some as big as 8 inches.  Some of the patterns on the wings of the butterflies look beautiful.  Many of the butterflies are from different countries such as Africa, Australia

Maze and adventure playground

After the butterfly house we were allowed to explore and go into the maze and on the adventure playground.  It was tough to find the middle of the maze.  You needed to find the middle so that you could find your way out again.

The adventure playground is a very fun and exciting play area for older kids.  The best bit was when we played baby rabbit run.  It’s where two people are on the swing, and you have to try and get through the middle without being hit.

Rollright stones

After the maze and the adventure playground we got on the bus for a 30 minute drive, to the Rollright stones.  When we arrived we had a look around and then we got given a challenge which was to try and count all of the stones and get the same number three times.  So we tried and only a few were successful.  Also the legend tells us that if you get the same number three times then you have anything your heart’s desire. After that we then did a spooky poem about the Rollright stones.  Finally we crossed the road in waves to the other side where the King’s Stone was and the witch that someone had made.  After that we then crossed the road in waves again back to the bus to go back to the hostel.

When we got to the hostel we cleaned out the minibuses (one was very messy).



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8 Responses to Streatley Day 2

  1. Karen Frost says:

    Wow, what a busy and interesting day! I hope you all sleep well tonight!

  2. Zoe Stemp says:

    Sounds like you are having a brilliant time. It’s really great to read the blog and to follow what you have been doing.
    I can’t believe you let the minibus get messy!
    Have fun.

  3. Simon Gosney says:

    Glad to hear you are having an exciting time visiting all these historical places. Hope you didn’t leave anyone behind in the maze!? Was that the teachers leaving the minibus messy again??

  4. Charlie Cooke-Priest says:

    Busy busy, how many of you got lost in the maze? Blenheim sounds fab, looking forward to the photos. Happy choring, you’ll all be experts by Friday! Keep having fun!!

  5. Sue Munter says:

    Wow sounds like you are having a fab time!

  6. Mrs Brown says:

    What a brilliant time you had at Blenheim, I am glad to see that it didn’t rain during your visit – it usually does!! Ask Mr Meckiffee. Carry on having fun.

  7. Silvia Jauma Blume says:

    It looks like you are having lots of fun and learning a lot. It is so exciting to get home and read about what you have been up to. Let’s see if you also learn about becoming a bit tidier….hahahahha. Keep us post it and having a great time. Liss is very quiet without all of you. Love.

  8. hgreen says:

    Blenheim sounds a fabulous place. I would really like to see the rooms you have described. Great report writing, well done. How did it make you feel to see the work done by your fellow classmates on display at Blenheim? I look forward to reading some more of your adventures

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