Streatley Day Three


Today we had to get up particularly early to get dressed so we could serve breakfast to the other dormitories. Once we had got dressed we went down stairs and laid the tables. We got all : the knives and forks, plates, napkins and drinks cup. When we had done all that the other groups came in and we had to get their drinks (apple and orange juice) we served them and then packed and cleared away. We also got our pocket money from Mr Burford.

After that we all got our lunch boxes ready and got in the mini buses. When we arrived at Oxford we parked the mini buses and went in a bus to take us to near the Pit Rivers. Then we walked to the museum (Pitt Rivers). When we arrived 2 people showed us around the museum called Mary and Kim. They said we had to get into groups and write down what the objects were and if you would use them for a job, material and other things. When we were looking around we found the witch in the bottle. It looked a bit like a light bulb that was silver. Next we all went in the gift shop and looked around and some of us bought some things. Then we went out of the Pitt Rivers on our way to the other museum.

When we had arrived at the Ashmolean museum we went downstairs and had lunch. After lunch we went to China in an art gallery. The first painting I saw was 900 years old, it was painted on silk . Then we had to do a sheet that we had to fill in to find things on the other paintings like the seal which showed who the painting was by.  We also had to look for mountains, trees, animals, people, buildings, clouds and boats.  Most of the Chinese paintings did not have any people in them. We walked into Italy, we saw a hunting painting with lots of dogs and horses and people. Then we looked at some landscape paintings and drew them on postcards. Then we went to another room and we had to match parts of pictures up with the whole picture in our groups and say what season it was and would it be hot or cold. Then we went to look at a modern painting, on the way we saw some big tapestries but not as big as the Blenheim ones. Then we went to look at a photo of Chinese mountains and they looked the same as the paintings.

We got back on the park and ride bus and had some snacks and we came back to the hostel. We had to clear out the minibuses too.




pitt2Pitt 1oxford

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3 Responses to Streatley Day Three

  1. andy keenan says:

    good to hear your up early and making everyone breakfast-we are looking forward to ours on Saturday morning! Sounds like your all very busy-hope your all having lots of fun too! 🙂

  2. CStevens says:

    Good to see you are still in one piece Arch! Looks like you are all having a busy time. Hope all the mini bus tidying will rub off when it comes to room tidying at home!!!

  3. Silvia Jauma says:

    It is so nice to see pictures and follow you in your adventures. I look forward to see you tomorrow and find out even more about all these exciting things you are learning. Good night.

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