Lower Junior News week ending 14.10.16

Lower School News W/E 14.10.16

The penultimate week of the half term has been very busy again for the Lower Juniors. The children in Year 4 have continued to build on their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. They have been looking at how life was for the common people in Egypt. What types of job they did and what their housing was like. They have imagined themselves back 4000 years and thought about all the things that were different then – no television or Game Boys!

In year 3, the children have started looking at The Stone Age – and have been trying to understand the importance of placing The Stone Age in an historical context. They have looked at how The Stone Age was prehistory and before even the Egyptians. They have discussed what happened during the last Ice Age and how Britain was attached to the continent before the ice melted and the English Channel formed.  The digs at Petersfield Heath continue to turn up artefacts and evidence of how people lived from this period in time.

Elm have continued with their fabulous horse riding skills. And have been looking at solving problems in maths.

As the week finishes, the children have been doing a sponsored walk around the school grounds. They have walked for one and a quarter hours non-stop to raise money for charity. As they walked they looked at all the trees being represented as a class in the school. It was fascinating to see how many different tress our school grounds have.


This week the children have used their knowledge of Cinderella stories from around the world to write their own. The have planned and started writing stories. And have looked at improving them by editing. Next week they will look at a different genre, report writing and will be working on writing a report on Mummification.


In maths this week the classes have been looking at multiplication and its inverse division, and have been practicing their calculating skills. Different methods have been used to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. This coming week they will be looking at division.


They will all have Maths, English and Topic homework set throughout the term. Maths will be set on a Monday and will be either worksheets or Ed City work. English or Topic homework will be sent home on Wednesday and they will have a week to complete it. This week the year 3 and 4s have been set comprehension homework and Ed City maths. The Year 3s have also been set homework to bring in examples of Instruction texts.

The Year 3 s and 4s have started their tables this week. They will also be bringing home spellings this coming week and will be tested on them at the end of the week. As a new adventure, they will be giving a password and instructions to log on and create a rock star which they can develop by earning money from tables challenges at https://ttrockstars.com/login. This is a great activity to help them remember their times tables and we know they will enjoy it!

Times tables challenges can also be found on Ed City. If you are having trouble logging into Ed City site then we have found that Google Chrome if the best search engine to use to access the site.



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